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Главная » 2013 » Сентябрь » 24 » A Huge Empire of Greeting Cards ИМПЕРИЯ ОТКРЫТОК
A Huge Empire of Greeting Cards ИМПЕРИЯ ОТКРЫТОК

Our CLASS HOUR FOR US is a real communication lesson when we talk about everything . Today we had  "EMPIRE OF GREETING CARDS" chat-show. ..

Классный час для нас – час общения. Сегодня он у нас прошёл по теме «Империя открыток».

When a holiday comes, we unexpectedly receive beautifully issued cards with warm words of congratulations. It’s very kind of those who it send from.  Any greeting card makes our hearts feel  happy, doesn’t it?  There are cards big and tiny, there are cards very simple and brightly and brilliantly decorated  and … they are so different that it is simply difficult to describe. And where these wonderful cards come from? Certainly, it is the whole empire of congratulation cards and a huge  art industry with its  designers creates them. That is what we talked today about.  What is the art industry and who are so named designers and how they create such miracles? We answered these questions and visited a personal exhibition of thematic cards of the class teacher. Olga Mikhailovna accurately placed them in file folders and it is pleasant to see them with our own eyes. Collecting cards is her  hobby. For those who are interested in drawing and art, it is really useful thing because viewing such beautiful cards illustrations really develops somebody’s art imagination. And for those who wants to become a designer, an artist, an illustrator, an advertiser, a designer - it is simply a treasure! These are the most modern professions today, aren’t they?  What’s more, we thought about how  to apply cards with advantage in order not to keep them on shelves. So we decided to make of them bookmarks with a crib which will  contain some rules and formulas, and the front part of a card will please our eyes  with the beautiful image. Fantastic! We liked  today's "A Huge Empire of Greeting Cards talk-show” very much! 

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